Boutique Child Centre License for 25 children, maximum of 10 babies

About Us

Eduaction Review Report February 2018

 "The centre’s environments support children’s learning effectively. Teachers adapt environments in innovative ways to foster children’s creativity, problem solving and critical thinking skills."

The Review Findings

"Children are confident, articulate learners. They are inquisitive and curious and have a strong sense of their own competence as learners. They settle themselves in play areas and make deliberate choices about resources they need. Children engage in respectful conversations with their peers and adults. Many persist at activities for prolonged periods, problem solving and experimenting with new ideas as challenges arise. Children learn early literacy, mathematics and science skills in meaningful contexts.

The centre’s environments support children’s learning effectively. Teachers adapt environments in innovative ways to foster children’s creativity, problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Infants and toddlers have their own indoor and outdoor spaces. Teachers know children well and respond to their cues appropriately. Their responsive and nurturing caregiving supports infants’ need for strong and secure attachments.

Teachers skilfully engage children in play that prompts them to collaborate and investigate ideas. They give children the time and space to explore, investigate and engage in learning. Teachers frequently interact and facilitate conversations with children. They encourage children to take learning risks and set their own goals while they reinforce care for the environment and sustainable practices."

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About Hannah's House

At Hannah’s House we base our programme on Te Whariki the early childhood curriculum for the Ministry of Education. We have also been inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to teaching and learning. The programme is child centred and developmental. Our ongoing observation of the children enables us to plan a programme based on children’s interest and is designed to meet an individual’s needs.

Our practices reflect and celebrate our cultural heritage of our community. At Hannah’s House we believe that early childhood education should help in the development of confidence, independence, and a love of learning.

Play is central to children’s development. It is their unique way of learning about the world around them and sharing what they already know. We provide indoor and outdoor play, structured and unstructured activities all based on the children’s interests.

We have a separate room for our four year old children, The Discovery Room. This enables them to explore and research their project topic with a primary trained staff member and their friends. While our older children are working in the Discovery Room our younger children are also guided in more age appropriate activities and get to explore and research their project topic.

Our Environmental Programme.

At Hannah’s House we run an environmental programme. We have 3 chickens. The children are responsible for feeding and looking after them. We feed them our food scraps from morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. We also have chicken pellets. The children check for eggs which we offer to parents and use for our baking. We also have a worm farm and composting bins.

At Hannah’s House we ensure all our cleaning products are from certified eco-friendly companies. All our tissues, toilet paper and hand towels are made from recycled paper and are also wrapped and packed in an eco-friendly manner. We use eco-friendly light bulbs throughout the centre. For energy conservation on heating we ensure the heaters are turned off when the room has reached the required temperature.

At Hannah’s House Early Childhood Education Centre we understand that we are part of a life time of teaching and learning for children all about the 3 “R’s” reduce, recycling, and reusing. To help we are a glad wrap free centre. We encourage our parents to use containers, reusable plastic bags and paper bags. We encourage parents to use reusable nappies. Parents participate in our programme by bringing in plastic bags, boxes, lids, glass jars, corks, shells, drift wood, buttons, seed pods, fabric, paper, cardboard and anything you think we could use.

We recognize the importance of taking steps to achieve sound environmental goals and practices. This is integrated in an educational programme for our children.

At Hannah's House work together to establish a friendly, loving and nurturing environment where everyone is valued. We would like the children of Hannah’s House Early Childhood Education Centre to leave our centre with positive attitudes towards learning, a thirst for knowledge, a strongly developed understanding of themselves and their place in the world, and the resilience to cope with the challenges they will face


Discovery Room


In the discovery room we explore the world around us with our friends all together. The children are welcomed into the discovery room from the age of 3 1/2.

We do activities that extend their interests and also prepare them for school. The children are encouraged to learn both independently and collaboratively through projects that have stemmed from their interests. Currently we are working on Dinosaurs but have explored lichen, rainbows, farms, being me and puddles.

The children will spend some of the morning investigating their interests and learning about other children’s interests.

Independence, enthusiasm and investigating are important foundations on which they build their language, mathematical, scientific, musical artistic and technological skills.  We try to incorporate all these aspects in our activities within the Discovery Room but most important is we make it all fun.

Our Sustainable Practices

Sustainable Practice Guide



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Do you supply Lunch?
We supply a nutritious morning and afternoon tea. This is fresh fruit and sometimes we have baking from our Little Chefs Club.

How many children do have at the centre at any one time?
We have a licence for 25 children in total with a maximum of 10 under two’s. However to provide quality childcare we will only have 8 under two’s at any one time.

How many staff are qualified and registered?
We have five staff in total. They are all qualified and registered with the New Zealand Teachers Council. Four staff hold a current first aid certificate specific to early childhood.

Are you Nut Free?

Yes we are a PEANUT NUT FREE centre. We do allow tree nuts, almonds, cashews. We also have sound procedures for all other alergies